‘Orange Karma’ Oatmeal Cream Ale by Spinnakers Brewpub 

My personal favorite brewery again! Yay! Seriously ❤️ these guys, and I’m coming for a visit next week (August 20th), so get the red carpet ready! NotVIP coming through!

I’ll wear my finest Jamaican Patty dress.

Karma is absolute malarkey (excuse my potty mouth). Oranges are less malarkey, and cream ales never get me excited; too bland and uninteresting. Even lagers have more character most of the time, but this. Is. SPINNAKERS!

Soccer was cool for exactly one second there!

Seriously though, if you believe the universe works by some mysterious plus/minus system, you’re pretty simple. How do so many people get away with living their entire lives in the red? That’s hardly fair. Isn’t that the point of the system? Balance? Then you get these brilliant tacticians that throw out the whole ‘karma is a bitch’ when something bad happens to someone that ‘deserves’ it. Pretty sure your spite weighs on the negative scale you dense shitiot. Fuck karma and fuck you! No, not you, Spinnakers. I can’t be mad at you.

Lousy actor. Eat your fucking cereal, Ryan.

The pour is a murky, vibrant straw yellow with a finger of bright white hearty fizz. The fizz keeps going, it’s a bubbler.

The smells are… Interesting. It’s sour? Weird. The orange is much bigger than I anticipated. Got orange peel, lactose(wat), lemon, mixed exotic fruits, and a sweet doughy note, barely. Overall mild-ish aroma than is heavily citrus-sour. Officially intrigued.

The tastes are sour orange and ‘je ne sais quoi’ citrus fruit punch. Has an underlying sweetness to it, more noticeable on the aftertaste. This beer us fucking weird. But…  good weird.

The mouthfeel is crisp and quite light bodied. Has higher than average carbonation. Flavors stick around the back of the palate, leaving a slightly sweet dough and citrus aftertaste.

4/5 Weird in all the right ways, I’d say this is a soft 4. Drinks like a tame sour, or even a Berlinerweisse but has a sweetness to it that sets it apart. The orange tasted like an orange peel was right in the beer. I like it! Get it if you like… Slightly sour oranges? I guess?

Get what? I can’t see!


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