‘Electra Framboos’ Raspberry Ale by Ecliptic Brewing 

Not my usual fare. If it has a featured fruit, I normally steer very clear. I avoid them harder than a Jonestown punchline. I avoid them harder than I’d avoid an emo, Libtard, triggered feminazi, BLM protester on PCP during a heatwave on the Gaza Strip. I don’t like them is what I’m getting at, in as mean and obtuse of a way as I can possibly imagine.

Damn Literal media!

But ya gotta try new things. Variety is the spice of two bird eggs in a basket before they hatch a gift horse in the bush. Something like that anyway. Or ‘YOLO’ if you’re a retarded teenager. Goddamn kids and their flat-brim ball caps, pants that do fit, Pokémenstral cycles, mental retardation and Pogs.

Yeah bruh! Flex that ribcage!

Admittedly, I was drawn to the flashy label. I’m like a crow sometimes, flashy things get my attention. And tits. I guess that’s not crow like, but hey, tits man! The label is reminiscent of the special reflective superhero cards I used to get every now and then. I had a Dr Strange one, if I recall correctly. So, in a roundabout way, Dr Strange had a hand in the decision process here. It also happens to be named ‘Electra’ which is the name of another Marvel superherovillian, even if it’s spelled slightly different. Am I building a conspiracy theory here? Is Marvel in cahoots with Ecliptic Brewing? Jet fuel can’t melt steel beams?! Wait, it actually CAN? Holy shit you guys! Muthafuckin chemtrails!! 

Or dank memes.

The pour is a weird, opaque, burnt orange with two+ fingers of fat bubbles that slowly began to melt away. No noticeable lacing.

The smells are raspberry (🎵in my haaaand🎵), Belgian yeast funk (like feet and apricots), and a slight grainy edge. Straightforward fruit and funk.

The tastes are unexpectedly tart and funky. Raspberry off top with the Belgian funk roaring in like a fucking wrecking ball. This is the most Belgian tasting beer I’ve ever had that wasn’t straight from Belgium. Has a slight sweet bread hit too. That’s about it. It’s actually more Belgian than raspberry, and for that I am thankful. This is just an extra funky Belgian ale, plain and simple, all other notes are too mild or obscured.

The mouthfeel is medium bodied, and a bit stiff. It isn’t exactly ‘smooth’. Flavors blitzkrieg like I was hiding Jews or something. Prying up floorboards and shit.

2.5/5 Well, it’s drinkable.. Barely. I honestly expected a deeper experience here, I expected more raspberry, but all I got was super yeast. Meh. Recommended for people that love Belgian yeast? Fucked if I know.

All manner of nope.


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