‘Hipster Sunburn’ Farmhouse Ale by Laurelwood Brewing Co 

Welp.. They know their audience I guess! I’m aboot 42% hipster, 18% Native, 40% alcoholic and 87% asshole. Yeah, I know those numbers do not add up, I’ll fight you about it when I’m done this Wet hopped sour Oat FlooflleWeisse with orange peel.

Utah strikes again! Mormons for the lose!

I vape, drink craft beer, and like obscure music (before it gets popular, then I don’t like it anymore of course). I don’t wear skinny jeans or thick black framed glasses. I haven’t worn flannel since the late 90s, I don’t have a beard (cannot grow one even if I wanted one), and I’m usually not a douchebag. Usually.

So cut this guy in half. No really, please cut him in half.

That said, the label made me snigger (what a great racist-sounding word). This was another one I grabbed whilst visiting Seattle for the recent Buckethead show. The place I bought it from was dirty as fuck, situated in a part of town that even the local methheads steered clear of because it was somewhat devaluing to their social status. Even the homeless were like “Nah man, I don’t go to that part of town because that’s where the real life losers go!” So essentially, I fit right in.

That awkward moment when the wrong side of the tracks is both.

🎵I’m a loser baby, so why don’t you kill me? 🎵 – Beck

The pour is an incredibly clear straw color a finger of dull white fizzy head. Good retentive lacing too.

The smells are spicy and floral. Lemon, apricoty yeast funk, dried leafy herbs, Apple, rain on hot pavement and something pepper-like (spicy but part to pin down, like Pilsen hop).

The tastes are very tame comparatively. It’s pretty straightforward, with a very slight citrus and spice edge. Nice light malting on the forefront with soda crackers, croissants and earthy dough. It rounds out with delicate florals, lemon zest, peach and a touch of apricot (more on the aftertaste). This is really nice!

The mouthfeel is very light and lively, but not ridiculously carbonated. I could session these easily. Flavors pretty much stay static on the outskirts of the palate.

4/5 That’s another great brew by Laurelwood! I have to find more by these guys, this beer and the pony pretty much demand it. This is a beer that anybody could enjoy, lagerheads and up! Or Stoutfiends and down? Fucking get it.

Yes, I do Kirk. Thanks.


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