Sour Saison 7800 by Townsite Brewing Inc 

🎵Say hello, to the rugs topography. It holds a lot of interest when you’re face down on it🎵 – Failure ‘She acts just like a nurse’

🎵You do it to yourself🎵

So this isn’t a sour, guys. It’s a sour saison. It’s different. Honest… Maybe barely. I like sours OK? Frig off Ricky! Honestly though, I wasn’t drawn in by this label, which is pretty mediocre. I’m becoming very familiar with the various breweries’ catalogs, and I spotted this one quicker than a newbie at the gym.

Ah yes, the reverse neck curl machine. A classic.

Here are a few ‘gym types’ that are annoying as a room-temperature IQ:

  1. The grunt – I go to a bodybuilding gym so these guys are nearly everyone. I don’t really care unless I can hear you over my headphones. Kind of distracting when it sounds like a gay porno mixed in with hardcore metal music.
  2. The popper – Popping zits in the mirror bruh? We can all see you. It’s a fucking mirror you disgusting fucking skidmark fuck. That’s how mirrors work. 
  3. The wanderer – You are never really sure if they are done with that machine, because between every single set they get up and wander aimlessly around the gym. Fucking Bilbo is going on an adventure.
  4. The texter – This guy just sits in the leg extention, texting. That’s his workout.
  5. The thief – Snakes your machine the second you step away. Even though my fucking towel and water are still there. 
  6. The slammer – Slams down weights in an act of male bravado. Attempting to assert dominance by loudly destroying gym equipment. Everyone knows these guys have very, very small penises.
  7. The hoarder – Takes as many barbells as he can, sometimes while occupying the squat rack.
  8. The fucking piece of shit that never reracks his fucking weights, you goddamn fucktard, ingrate, degenerate, waste of air. Can’t imagine what this guys parents think, because he still clearly lives in the basement. Fucking plates everywhere.

“You want it all, but you can’t have it” – Faith No More ‘Epic’

The pour is a slightly hazy bright golden amber with a half finger of fizzy flat white head. Sparse lacing.

The smells are bold, spicy and citrusey. Lemon peel, something herbal like rosemary, orange zest, and feet yeast up front with a stale cracker backtrack.

The tastes are sharp and quite complex. Starts tart citrus, with grapefruit, lemon lime, unripe pears, and tangerine. Finishes milder, herbal and funky. Foot funk yeast, mixed herbs and florals, a light earthy hit, grass quaff, salty crackers and wheat grains. Super layered! Much complex! Wow. Fairly balanced, a little harder to get malt notes here.

The mouthfeel is light and aggressive. High carbonation. Flavors concentrate on the tongue centrally and work backwise. It’s a belcher.

4/5 It’s not super sour, and it’s highly complex. I’m not sure who I can really recommend this to but, if you like sours/saisons, it’s worth a go. The shits limited, so get it while you can!

My flaming reaction when.


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