Lemon Gin Saison by Bridge Brewing 

I have had more than enough bad experiences with hard liquor in my life. I’ve only ever blacked out a handful of times, and it was entirely because of hard liquor. Those were barfy times, figuring out my tolerance and limits. Fucking Fireball whiskey. *dry heave* So I now limit myself to beer and tolerate the odd shot, because for some reason, shot refusal makes you seem like an asshole? 

What a piece of fucking shit I am! 

Yeah I mention this because the part where it says ‘Lemon Gin’ doesn’t exactly get me excited to hop in bed with her. This was gifted to me by baby bro-diddly, so the ‘free’ part of the whole equation is pretty gear. He does contract work for the fine folks at Bridge (great brewery BTW), and they gave him this right off the line when he name-dropped me (look at me, I’m a big shot now). I wouldn’t have likely selected this on my own, based solely on the marquee flavor choice, so I get to experiment with something I otherwise would never have bothered with. 


People should gift me other things to experiment with, like HGH or acid. I’m kidding of course.. Yeah. 


The pour is a slightly burnt straw color with a finger of bright white, fine fizzy head that slowly ebbed. No noticeable lacing. 

The smells are lemons, a strange sour foot funk (yeasty), wheat fields and a light honey note. A little booze on the nose.

The tastes are lemon and booze, I guess that’s the Gin. There’s a bit of raw earthy bitterness and very dry floral esters going on. Slight honey sweetness. It’s exactly what it claims to be, lemon, Gin and saison. 

The mouthfeel is fairly typical saison(? It’s a broad category), bubbly and light with a dry finish. Flavors don’t hang on long. Very carbonated. 

3/5 It’s exactly as described, so if you like lemon Gin, this is for you! I’m not a fan of lemon Gin, so it’s not for me. A little too boozy and dry with little in the way of complexity. Saison is a very diverse beer type, which tends to make it a really hit-or-meh category for me. 

In a state of reeepose..


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