‘Ace of Hokkaido’ Golden Ale by Central City Brewing 

The 90s were ninja-riffic! I’m a 90s kid, take it from me. We got TMNT (the not-shitty ones), Karate kid, Beverly Hills Ninja and Power Rangers. Not to mention Ninja Gaiden and Shinobi. It was a golden age for ninjas, and I’m hoping they make a comeback. Hollywood loves recycling old garbage. 

Sounds like SOMEONE is out of ideas!

Why the fuck doesn’t Hollywood remake shitty movies? Some of those movies deserve remakes! How about Catwoman, Street Fighter, GI JOE, Mortal Kombat or The Last Airbender? If you’re going to recycle, recycle garbage, not cinematic gold you fuckwits! How about a Weekend at Bernie’s reboot? You could use Bernie Sanders! He’s practically a walking corpse as is, it’d be perfect.  

Not coming in 2016!

I’m not super high on Central City Brewing. They certainly are popular though, so they must be doing something right. I just find a lot of their beers are way, way too pine hoppy. Their IPA is a face-ripper. The double IPA rips off your face then sets in on fire. The copper and lager are passable, but not amazing. They had a lightly heated stout (smaug stout) that was really nice, but I don’t know if they continued making it. I probably could have picked something else, but… Ninjas buddy. 

Fuckin drive man!

The pour is a perfectly clear golden amber with a half finger of pale white, fine, fizzy head. The head never completely died off, it maintained its level throughout the entire session. 

The smells are dill (weeeeird man), grass, slight lime, damp hay and sweet rolls. Oddly crisp aroma. 

The tastes are spicy and abnormal. Dill (seriously.. Weird), lemon/lime, black pepper, sunflower seeds, and whole wheat bread. Pretty damn good, despite the odd spices. 

The mouthfeel is crisp, light and crushable. Good carbonation. Flavors smoothly work from back to front, leaving the dill and seed spices in its wake. 

4/5 An odd spiciness gives this brew its unique edge. I’m not certain that this is for everyone, but if you are feeling adventureous, and don’t want to stray too far from the ‘lager norms’, this is a great choice. A crushable ale with a simply neat profile, I’ll get it again! 

My reaction when.


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