‘White Angel’ IPA by Steamworks Brewing Co 

🎵In the arms of an angel🎵 – Sarah McLachlan

Goddammit Sarah, everytime I hear it, images of sad puppies and cats dance through my head. WHY FOR SARAH? Making me feel my own feelings! Bullshit! BULLSHIT!


Why did they always try to shame me at two in morning when I’m drunkenly eating microwaved lasagna in my underwear? That’s not the best time to try and extort-shame money from me. Your best bet is to hit me up after sex, which is a very rare occurrence, so good luck there old-guy-with-emaciated-toddler. PENNIES A DAY? I want my cup of coffee, I worked for that coffee, ya dink! If I give you my pennies, then what will I do at the take-a-penny leave-a-penny tray? The correct answer is “look foolish”, and I refuse to look foolish because some Ugandan toddler can’t find work. Don’t be above flipping burgers little dude. 

“I’m glad you’re dead!” – The Joker

This is one of the beers Steamworks so graciously sent me, and it’s the one I’m looking forward to the most. I’m not exactly sure why, I guess a white IPA just sounded good? The small bottles are really sharp looking too.

The pour is a totally opaque, brilliantly vibrant gold-straw color. Has a very minor collar, and no noticeable lacing.

The smells are a strong citrus coalition. Mostly grapefruit, blood orange, lemon drops, light spices and a crunchy wheat center. Delightful!

The tastes are less citrus than the nose, it’s more of a spice and herb complex. Getting lemon zest, sweet orange peel, coriander spices, floral esters, bready yeast, leafy herbs, and a whole wheat cracker hit. Leaves a pepper and leafy aftertaste. Damn fine IPA. Not super bitter, and beautifully balanced.

The mouthfeel is lightweight and refreshing, weird for an IPA. Flavors concentrate around the edges of the palate. Has a good amount of fizzy carbonation too.

4/5 Beautiful IPA! This is easily the best of the bundle that they sent me, I’ll be getting this again %100. Very easy-drinking without skimping on flavors or abv. This is the best IPA they make by my tastes. You like IPAs? Go get this. DO EET NOW!



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