Golden Honey Ale by Wolf Brewing Co

Some people have spirit animals, like wolves and cats and shit. No, not literal shit; that’s not an animal. Who would identify with a piece of shit? Aside from Bono of course. Anyway, you’re missing the point. My spirit animal has had a few, or maybe a few too many. 

nono no.. Um fyne.. Sheriously.. Jesh lemme git up here.. Um fyne

I am, at best, minimally spiritualistic. Skepticism has been pretty deeply engrained in my blood, and strengthened over time by overexposure to this ‘Internet’ thing (it’s a pretty big deal). So when I hear things pertaining to astrology, religion and general spiritualistic hookum, I usually end up suppressing my knee-jerk yearning to scream “BULLSHIT”. Religiosity is all well and fine, as long as it doesn’t get in my clearly sensible agnostic ways. It usually doesn’t. 

I… Don’t think you should put the Holy Spirit that close to my junk.

So Wolf Brewing are yet another Vancouver Island brewery, leaving me to rightly assume that the island is essentially made entirely of breweries and Marijuana farms. That’s my kind of island! I’m probably going to have to visit the island multiple times for.. Research! Yeah, that’s it! Research, man. 

Busey. For when you just need a gif that represents sheer insanity.

Is that Noah’s Ark on the label? It looks like one of those dollar store paintings your cheap friend puts up over the toilet to ‘class things up’. No clue what this has to do with a Golden Honey Ale. Did Noah load bees on the Ark too? Seems like that’d be a bit of a logistical nightmare if he included insects too. If that’s the case, why the fuck did you save mosquitos? I can’t help but think this way when I hear religious mythology. It’s a blessed curse. 

Fuck this guy. Fuck family ties.

The pour is a murky, dark amber with a half finger of eggshell white, fine foam. Persistent fuzz going on.

The smells are real honey (this beer has raw honey in it.. BEES), dew-ey grass, and a very light floral note. The real honey is the main player here, very nice.

The tastes are.. real honey, dew-ey grass and very light floral note. Following the nose to a tee. It’s OK. I wouldn’t fall on my sword for it. 

The mouthfeel is mid-light and a bit creamy, probably from the raw honey. Flavors slowly roll around like they were touched by God. Or inappropriately touched by a man of God. Or having a seizure. Take your pick. 

3/5 I think the honey is a little much, but it’s still a decent beer. Just not one I’ll be back for. You like honey and lager? You should get this. It’s quite sweet overall. 

Sorry little dude!


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