Tropical Tart Ale by Steamworks 

NEW SHIT (new shit)! DJ CLUE SHIT! (clue shit!) RUINING A GOOD SONG WITH SHOUTING THAT’S WAY LOUDER THAN THE REST OF THE TRACK SHIT! (bull shit!) – DJ CLUE in ‘every song he ever breathed near’

He does not ‘say’ annoying things, he fucking SHOUTS annoying things. 

‘Fuck it mountain’is trending! That’s my jam! (NEW SHIT!) 

So this beer is hot off the presses. The ink is still drying on the can. The fine folks of Steamworks were cool enough to send me a couple of new brews to sample, this being one of them. I feel I should mention that this does not in any way mean they will automatically get a favorable review. Positive ratings cannot be bought.. But don’t let that stop you from trying! Seriously though, keep sending me beer… I love you. I know, I know, we’re moving too quickly. We should take our time and get to know each other first.

The wedding is on Tuesday. My people will contact your people. 

Steamworks has gotten mostly favorable reviews from me as is, and their brewpub in downtown Vancouver is a spectacular place to go for food and drinks. I highly recommend checking them out if you’re in the area. Great atmosphere, great beer, acceptable sustenance (I’m not a loser yelper.. Pfft), and I think they pay hot women to just wander around the place. Every time I go there, there’s random hotties just wondering around. That’s the only explanation.


The pour is a completely opaque muddy orange color. Zero head, zero collar, zero lacing. Looks like OJ.

The juice! 

The smells are fruit salad. Like big time. Mostly getting non-citrus fruits on the nose, such as mango, passion fruit, cantaloupe and sweet oranges. Is this juice or beer?


The tastes are surprisingly tart! There’s the pomegranate. Oranges, kiwi, melons, cantaloupe, lemon spike, liiiittle bit of grapefruit, and a slight salty cereal edge. This is pretty much juice.

*another creepy picture of OJ, it’s not funny anymore*

The mouthfeel is crisp with a sharp edge. It has a mid-light body and is fizzy-ticklish on the carbonation. Flavors hang around the top and back of the palate, leaving an orangey aftertaste.

3.5/5 Something akin to a fruited sour?Not actually sour though. Do you like fruity drinks? Get this, you’ll love it. Yes you Jaymeski.

The juice!


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