‘Side Cut’ North East IPA by Bridge Brewing

🎵Take it on the other side🎵 – ‘Outside’ by RHCP

Anthony Freddy Mercury Kiedis?

‘By the way, ‘Under the Bridge’ Brewing is ‘giving it away’  on the ‘otherside’ in a ‘parallel universe’, ‘My friends’. So ‘suck my soul to squeeze tissue on higher ground’… Uhm.. California?🎵

Honesty, the best part about the Red Hot Chili Peppers is when I’m not being forced to listen to it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s just kind of shitty. I’ll take Mr. Bungle over nah-me-nah-mehAnthony H-bomber any day. Mike Patton is just greater in every way. Every way. Did I say every? FUCKING EVERY.

Thanks ‘Anal Cunt’!

I’ve been in and out of the Bridge pile a few times (as in I’ve had almost every mainstay they offer) and they have a couple of really great beers. I got a chance to chat with some of their reps too, good people, good beer. Seems to be a common theme in BC. There’s a short list of breweries I’ve yet to visit, and they are on that short list. This indiscretion will be rectified at some point in the future, when,  I’ve no idea. Hard to get me away from the gym these days. It’s a hard knock life. I know.

She hung up!? Was I supposed to say chest day?

The pour is a muddy apricot orange with a finger of fine, lumpy, tan head. Some sporadic lacing.

The smells are earthy and give off a sharp outdoorsy vibe. Herbs, earth, light pine, and mixed citrus leading the way.

The tastes are powerful pine resin, earth notes, herbal/florals, peaches, and a crunchy toffee foundation. Slight hits of mixed citrus. Very powerful woodsy bitters here.

The mouthfeel is heavy and kind of sticky. Pine trees and herbals slap around the edges of the palate.

3/5 A big resin IPA with some extra flair for good measure. It’s good, I just like my IPAs a little tamer and more complex. Like big hops? Like ‘Breaking the girl’? There aren’t any chili peppers in this beer. I’ll stop now. (Can’t stop)… DAMMIT!



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