‘Holy Oak’ Bourbon Barrel Aged Sour by Gigantic Brewing Co

GIGANTIC Brewing Co gave their graphics designer a little bit of acid and let him do his thing.

That is a dripping-wet, praying-hands flower, holding a mustacheioed brain basket, underneath an eyeball flower, with dragonflies. Naturally. IT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE.

Dragonflies?! That’s unpossible!

Hey man, if you are going to go crazy, go big or home. Ain’t no half steppin’!

And, yes, another sour. Gotta collect em all!

I’ve never tried GIGANTIC Brewing before (this simply must be capitalized), it’s not super common on the shelves here for whatever reason. There is one in particular that I’ve seen with a big warped picture of Samuel Jacksons face from Pulp Fiction on the front, and I kind of like these guys now that I think on it. Who WOULDN’T want Jules’ crazy face staring at them while they drink, muthafucka?


Mom synopsis: Oh is that that Pulpy Fiction thing you guys like or something?.. That’s nice dear, have fun. Uncle Steve is back in the hospital, cancers back. Loveyu mom xx

The pour is a cloudy dark amber with a half finger of head that disappeared faster than I could describe it.

The smells are very woodsy and earthy with a bit of sugary sweetness in the background. Oak, brown sugar and earth notes.

The tastes are surprisingly mild. Oak, brown sugar, dates, and raw earth notes. Wasn’t expecting that. This is an easy sour.

The mouthfeel is light bodied and a bit rough. Flavors burn on the middle of the palate. Although it’s still quite crushable for the style.

3.5/5 Neat little sour that’s got it’s own identity. Probably not for everyone, this sour is a bit of an oddball. Still enjoyable though. Recommended for the adventurous, gotta collect em all types.

Collect all the insanity!


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