‘Simplicity’ Ale by Category 12 Brewing

🎵Take your time / Don’t live too fast

Troubles will come / and they will pass

You’ll find a woman / and you’ll find love

And don’t forget son / there is someone

Up above 🎵 ‘Simple Man’ – Lynyrd Skynyrd

Category 12, the new-er kid on the block has got the right stuff (oh oh oh-oh-oh). I really liked their black IPA a while back, and was kinda meh on their saison, so we’re sitting at 50/50 roughly. This is another brewery that I may be visiting, depending on location, when I step through Victoria this summer. Step by step. Ooh bay-bay!

Their labels are always so intricate and filled with little clever doodles. At first glance they may not really ‘pop’, but when you take a closer look at it, whoever created this design clearly had a lot of fun with it. Always like to see that!

So this is, simply, an ‘ale’. Not a big ludicrous name like Wet hopped Berliner Dunkel sour white Hoppenweisse ale with snarkleberry. Back to the basics, this is just ale, baby! That receives a hearty ‘watermelon up’ from me, because fuck following the crowd. In Vancouver that usually leads to a fucking riot anyway. Uppity hipster city.

I’ll never, ever be sick of that.

The pour is a perfectly clear straw color with a finger of bright white hearty fizz. Tiny flecks of lacing.

The smells are a delicate mix of citrus fruits, yeast, and florals… Simple durrr

The tastes are surprising, in a good way. I didn’t expect so much flavor here. Really crisp ‘true ale’ taste, with an earthy/straw and distinctive light hop that’s a little lemony. It’s not like a lager, not like a Pilsner, but it’s near those types, if I were to describe what it tastes like to someone that doesn’t stray from the macro breweries.

The mouthfeel is crisp and refreshing, this is a crushable beer 100%! Now why isn’t it in 6 packs? Flavors play ‘hide the pickle’ with your face.

4/5 I’d drink these all night because… I drink all night sometimes. This is OG beer, done really well! It’s simple… Man. Recommend for anybody that likes regular joe beer that actually tastes good.


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