‘Drawn to Light’ Abbey Ale by Driftwood Brewery

More metal! My favorite musical genre and second favorite elemental type! The best elements are the noble gases… Duh. Much like me, they don’t easily react.

What is metal anyways? Well, anything can be if it’s crunchily twisted properly.

I will be visiting Driftwood this summer, along with a few other breweries in Victoria. Really looking forward to that trip and all the blurry memories I’ll surely have a hard time remembering. I’ve made my way out to a pretty large number of local breweries and I figure this trip will tick off another 3-6 more. I just want a brewery to open in either Coquitlam or PoCo, but retarded archaic municipal bylaws seem determined to hold their foot on the neck of anybody that tries. I guess the cities of Coquitlam and PoCo just hate making money! What other explanation is there?

They managed to fit two skulls on this label, in what kind of looks like an homage to the ‘Silence of the Lambs’ movie poster? Maybe it’s a stretch but that’s what I see.

The pour is a crystal clear pale amber with a good finger of bright white fizzy head. Great retentive lacing.

The smells are melons, lemon drops, foot funk yeast, sweet potato crackers and whole wheat. Crisp and inviting.

The tastes are fresh wheat, funky foot yeast, mild earth tones and an herbal, almost Pilsner-like hop note. It’s almost Kolsch-like.

The mouthfeel is light, crisp, and refreshing. This is poundable. Flavors slowly drape the entire palate. Less carbonation than anticipated, could use a touch more.

3.5/5 This is an easy-drinking, summertime, backyard BBQ, pounding type of beer. Just about any beer drinker, casual or anal, could get down with this.


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