‘Velocihoptor’ Double IPA by Ninkasi Brewing Co

Velocihoptor. Sounds like a Velociraptor crossed with a helicopter, which is both terrifying and rad at the same time. Imagine an intelligent, carnivorous, gyroscopic, airborne killing machine that can open fucking doors. Did I just create the new Sharknado?

As usual, Ninkasi sucks me in to a purchase with a fancy-pants label, which would be a bad thing if they made bad beer, but they don’t. They make excellent beer. That gets me to thinking, it’s been a while since I had a truly bad beer. If anybody has a really gross beer to recommend, I’d love to hear from you! Shitting on beer is fun too, and with all these fabulous breweries out there, finding a nasty brew is difficult outside of the big macro crap factories. Molson. I’d teabag their fucking drum kit.

The pour is a slightly hazy dark red with a half finger of extra fine tan head. This beer has super sticky lacing!

The smells are big and bold, more to the malt end. Caramel, oranges, figs, brown sugar, and a slight touch of pine.

The tastes are toffee, pine, herbal and earth notes, figs, orange zest, and some low-key melon sweetness. This is an interesting one, starting sweet and finishing hoppy with a powerful, but not intolerable, bitterness to it. I dig it. Alcohol is covered well too (8.4%).

The mouthfeel is creamy and heavy bodied with a middling carbonation, just above a tickle (a pinch or a punch, more than a teabagging). Flavors soak the middle palate and slowly creep around the edges.

3.5/5 It’s different than most IPAs on the shelf, in that it doesn’t repeatedly kick your teeth in with grapefruit and pine, which is a nice change. I’d say this is worth a shot for someone that would enjoy an English-style IPA.


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