‘Ground Control’ Imperial Stout by Ninkasi Brewing Co


Today is an extra special beer day! This beer was brewed with yeast that went to space (the final frontier)!


So, full marks for packaging. This is so cool! You might not be able to see it in the picture, but the box is really intricate, and for a whopping $32, it better fuckin well be. Yeah, this beer wasn’t cheap, but I saw it, and because I’m great at making bad decisions, I had to have it, so here we are. $32 lighter, and a crazy beer heavier. Ninkasi earned those extra of my dollars.. This time. Next time it’ll have to be yeast that went to the bottom of the Mariana Trench. Not to be confused with the shitstain pop-punk band Marianas Trench, who are terrible and also from Vancouver *shakes fist*.


The world already sees us as pansy tree huggers dammit!

I had to disassemble the box so you can fully appreciate the full artwork. It’s also textured, some sections are raised up, and even the inside of the box is trippy. Even the blind can appreciate this box. A %10 imperial stout isn’t my first choice of brew type, but in this case I’ll just appreciate the bigger bang for my 32 separate goddamn bucks I suppose.


The artwork is a full wrap 😀

🎵Ground control to major tom🎵

I have to say, Ninkasi makes consistently good beer pretty much across the board. I always look forward to their wacky artwork and interesting brews, it’s pretty clear the people behind the beer love what they do and have a good sense of humor that matches my nerdish tendencies. They stand out from the (massive) pack and I hope they will see continued success in this increasingly saturated market. Keep it up and I’ll keep throwing my wallet in your direction!



The pour is pitch black with 2 good fingers of beefy, light brown head.

The smells are nuts, liquorice, vanilla bean, dark chocolate, and a slight woody tinge. I am getting a bit of the alcohol as well, just a low level buzz to it, not too major (tom).

The tastes are pure cacao (think og hot chocolate), licorice, vanilla, whipped cream, mixed oily nuts, hazelnut, molasses, oak, buttered toast and light alcohol burn. Wildly complex, and truly out of this world! Goddamn!

The mouthfeel is pure silk, and mid-heavy on the body with light ticklish carbonation. Flavors travel the outskirts of the palate leaving a wonderful nutty cacao aftertaste.

4/5 I don’t know if the space yeast made any actual difference, but either way, this is a great stout. I’d recommend it to anybody adventurous with deep pockets. Super complex! Highly recommended.


My pants when.


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