32nd Anniversary Barrel Sour Quince Saison by Spinnakers Brewpub


Spinnakers? Never heard of em!.. *cough*


Spinnakers Brewpub has been around since I was one year old, that’s a lot of beer, and a lot of brewing. It’s also a lot of experience, which is probably why seemingly every beer they make is far above average. I can’t imagine they would have lasted this long as an independent if they weren’t good at what they do unless they make it more addictive by sprinkling some crack on it or something.


I will be making the trip to Victoria this summer, and these guys are on the short list of ‘must go’ breweries, alongside other great Vic breweries like Driftwood, Phillips and Category 12. Solo road trip for beer! I might stay at Spinnakers as well, provided it isn’t exorbitantly priced (maybe I get a discount because they love me there?). I’m a cheap-ass so, sleeping in my truck is always an option, because, y’know.. Free.


I’ll be sure to chronicle my journey through the mysterious Isle of Vancouver for you all, as it is sure to be, at minimum, a larf, and at maximum, a hootenanny or possibly even a shindig. Victoria might be only capable of a soirée though, but that remains to be seen. It is a pretty small city.


The pour is a cloudy bright yellow amber with a half finger of fat bubbles that died immediately in to an enormous collar. Trace lacing.

The smells are strong and sharp. Sour apples, cream, banana, melon and a sharp note that’s best described as ‘fuckin tequila, man’.

The tastes are deeply fruity and complex. Fruit salad (melon, grapefruit, lemon zest, kiwi, crab apple), oak barrel (actually quite prominent), apricots, saltines and the slightest touch of alcohol-ey te-fuckin-quila. I hate tequila. I hate all liquor really, but this actually blends well with the other flavors, and I am enjoying this very much. It’s sour, but not face-scrunchingly so. Just right.

The mouthfeel is light bodied, smooth and absolutely crushable. I’m also pretty goddamn hot today, that might be influencing the assessment a bit. Flavors concentrate at the back of the palate. Good carbonation too.

4.5/5 This goes up as one of my favorite saisons! It’s fruity, complex, bright and sharp, it does it all so well. Spinnakers can do no wrong! Cheers to the next 32+!



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