‘Yami’ Dark Sour Wheat by Fuggles & Warlock Craftworks and Powell Street Craft Brewery


Number 2/3 for the Fuggles & Warlock Sour threesome! The forgotten middle child. The Yami, which in Japanamese translates to ‘darkness’. The first one, the Hikari means ‘light’, and this one is ‘darkness’, so I have to assume the third one will be somewhere in the middle? What’s halfway between light and dark? Middle grey? I’d try a grey beer… And hope it isn’t mold.


Are you sick of sour reviews yet? Too fucking bad bub, cause there’s more on the horizon! Yeah I said ‘bub’, if wolverine can do it, so can I. Oh Canada, bub. Seemingly everyone is releasing sours right now (beer trends 101), and I’m loving every damn pungent second of it! Not everyone likes the style, and I can absolutely understand why. Their tastes are shitty. I understand.


This label features a tattoo I’d expect a derpy girl to have. “It means purity!” When it actually means ‘soup’. But hey, lots of people like soup, so power to you and your undying, deep passion for chunky, liquid sustenance!


The pour is a clear deep purple with a finger of fine dark pink fuzzy head that slowly receded to a nice haze.

The smells are pretty much red wine all the way. A mix of sour berries and lactobacillus. All berry, not much else.

The tastes are sour berries (raspberry, blackberry, cherry), lactobacillus, light nuts,… Pretty darn sour but not murderously so.

The mouthfeel is medium bodied with good carbonation. Flavors zip right from the center of the tongue to the back of the jaw.

3.5/5 Berry berry Barry White. I like it, even if it is a little simple. You like sour/tart berries? You’ll like this beer!



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