Kettle Sour by Steamworks Brewing Co


June is the month of the sour, also fittingly, it’s my birth month. The world was beset by the lovable, bitter curmudgeon ‘VanBrewverite’ on the summer solstice in the 1983rd year after some supposedly magical Jew was born.


The most magical Jew of them all: Jewsus, I mean Jesus

So in celebration of me and magical Jews, we will delve further in to the sourecesses of the sourdome! We will square off in glorious hop-to-malt combat under the amber sun with all the beer puns and analogies you can shake a hydrometer at! For sparging!


WTF... that's so WRONG!

I’m always down with the Steamworks labels. They are expressive, unique and they all consistently match. They look like a team! Normally the labels are fired-on too, which isn’t the case for this one, probably because this is a seasonal? That’s my best guess anyways. It’s like the last guy to show up ends up with the shitty Madkats controller. Sorry buddy, watch that B button; it sticks like a mutherfucker.



The pour is a crystal clear light golden amber with about a finger of fizzy pure white head that died immediately to small collar.

The smells are strong fresh and juicy! Wowza this smells fantastic! Big tropical fruit hit right up front, gooseberry, blueberries, cantaloupe, florals and a slight sugary doughnut note. It’s really bold, and really deep. Berries and tropical fruit baskets ahoy!

The tastes are less explosive. Nectarines, lime, gooseberry, florals and very faint wheat. It’s a tropical bonanza here, and not super sour overall. Quite ‘wine dry’ on the finish. I’m really digging this!

The mouthfeel is very lightweight on the body and quite refreshing, which is weird for a sour. Flavors slowly roll around the back of the palate and lightly pick at the ‘Sour gland’ right on the jaw.

4/5 Damn good sour that could actually stand to be more sour. It’s a slightly sour tropical fruit tornado. If that sounds good to you, you’ll love this beer! I have to recommend this.


My magical Jewish reaction when.


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