‘Red Fife’ Hefeweizen by Spinnakers Brewpub


The brother of the Peach Paradise Hefe; the Red Fife! Which at first I thought was going to be a red hefe, but it is (thankfully) not. I’m not super high on Reds. Just super high?


I used to wonder why they never made a ‘That 90s show’, but then I remember that ‘Saved by the bell’ existed. That show slaps you repeatedly in the face with the neon 90s right from the opening punchy piano jingle.


So, Red Fife. This beer is brewed with red flutes, gotcha. Or maybe it’s brewed in red fifes? I’m fairly certain it’s impossible to brew beer in a fife, but if anybody can pull it off, it’s got to be Spinnakers. Maybe it’s brewed with red fifes, in red fifes, by red fifes. Inception-style.

No, of course not. That’d be stupid. Flutes can’t brew beer! They aren’t even sentient.


The pour is a cloudy, burnt light amber with a minor amount of fizzy head that quickly died off to a decent collar.

The smells are banana bread, wheat, cloves and a mild tickling ‘je ne sais quoi’ spice in the background.

The tastes are bananas, whole wheat bread, and mild cloves. That’s… Pretty much it! As simple as it gets. Straight-up Hefeweizen.

The mouthfeel is very light and crushable. As 4.5% I could drink a lot of this and not get sick of it or demolished. Flavors just kind of sizzle around the middle of the tongue.

3.5/5 A fairly standard hefe, nothing more. Well done, but this won’t be a beer I remember in the future. It’s brother, the Peach Paradise, is the superior hefe.



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