‘Tu Meke’ Oceania Inspired Saison by Steel & Oak Brewing Co and Strange Fellows Brewing


Tu Meke is a New Zealander phrase that translates to “too much” and is generally used to show respect, excitement or admiration. Kind of like how Canadians and Americans overuse the word ‘awesome’. That’s fuckin Tu Meke bruh! No… That’s not going to get worked in to the vernacular.


A collaborative effort from the fine folks at S&O and Strange Fellows Brewing, both of which are excellent breweries making fabulous brews. Oddly enough, the fellows at.. Strange Fellows, are remarkably normal people in a relatively uncrazy setting. If they insist on calling themselves ‘strange’ they should at least be juggling flaming Barbie’s while wearing zoot suits when I’m drinking there. That’d be Tu Meke strange.


Yeah, it doesn’t really work.

Then there’s Steel & Oak. Last time I was at the tasting room, I did note that there are various types of metal and wood featured in the general construction of the place. Is the metal steel? Probably. I’m no metalologist, but I’m pretty sure stainless steel is widely used in breweries the world over. As for the wood, what am I, a lumberjack? I might be Canadian but that doesn’t automatically make me an expert at wood identification. Tu Meke sorry aboot that, buddy… Yeah it still ain’t working.


The pour is an opaque, bright yellow amber with about two fingers of bright white lumpy frothy head. Good spiderweb lacing is immediately apparent.

The smells are vibrant black current, pepper and assorted berries with a slight biscuit note hanging in the back. It’s smells really fresh, juicy and unique! Suddenly Tu Meke stoked… Last time, I swear.

The tastes are right fucking wacky (or.. strange). Pepper, black berry, black current, nectarines, tea-like herbs and a mild salty, doughy malt on the finish. This is a wild ride. There’s a very peculiar yeast flavor in the mix too.

The mouthfeel is mid-light bodied and turbulent as all hell. Heavily carbonated. Berry and herbal flavors scream in like a bat out of hell, washing quickly over the palate and then promptly falling off to a salty malty aftertaste. The aftertaste is really nice actually, nice enough to warrant typing this sentence.

4/5 Saison is an oddball (*sigh* strange) brew for me, because it’s so wide and diverse. There is no ‘right’ way to do it, unless you happen to be Four Winds Brewing. That said, this is a fantastic beer to experience because it’s so wildly different than its peers, and I simply have to recommend this. Get it before it’s gone!



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