Kettle Sour by Ravens Brewing Co & Doan’s Craft Brewing Co


*perusing local alcohol dispensary*

Me: What beer should I buy?..
Beer label: KETTLE SOUR
Me: Hmm, maybe a porter?..
Beer label: KETTLE SOUR
Me: Fine, fuck. Settle down.


Just trying to buy beer here.

That’s a lazy label though. ‘Kettle sour’ in giant letters on a white background. They clearly banged their heads on the wall for quite some time making up this one. Really exhausted the ol’ creativity department. No matter, I love sours and Ravens Brewing, so I probably would have bought this no matter what the label said. It could’ve been ‘Puppies Blood’ Kennel Sour by Hitler Was Right Brewing and Guantanamo Torture Plan Brewpub, I still would’ve said: “Ooh! A sour! Nice!”.


Not sessionable, AT ALL.

Yes, I talk to myself in the beer section. It draws the workers over to me so I can beer chat. I’m so desperately lonely. They usually ask if I’m OK before calling the police and laying down on the floor next to me.


Bury me in the craft beer section.

The pour is a cloudy, sunny amber just a small amount of fizzy head that died down immediately to a very sparse collar.

The smells are mild and fruity. Lemon, funky yeast, light florals and hay. It’s simple and inviting.

The tastes are melons, sugary lemondrops, sour raspberry, lactose, earthy herbs, and a dry woodbarrel finish. Easy on the sour, probably good for sournewbs.

The mouthfeel is light bodied and airy. Has a slight ticklish carbonation. Flavors slowly pour over the entire palate, it’s a real slow burn.

3/5 A very easy-drinking sour that left me wanting a little more. The malt notes were underrepresented I think. Otherwise, serviceable but not very memorable.


Weak jazz hands reaction.


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