‘Twenty Pounder’ by Driftwood Brewery


Another metal album cover beer from Driftwood?! Fuhhhhhk yes buddy! It’s a double IPA? Awe man, guess it’s time for the shit abyss again Rand.


"Not the shit abyss again, Mr Lahey!" - Randy Bo-Bandey

The extra strong beers never get me all jazzed up for a few simple reasons: I don’t enjoy the taste of pure alcohol, and I don’t enjoy getting too drunk, too fast, which is usually what ends up happening with these over-8% brews. I’m not exactly a lightweight, but I don’t drink to get drunk most of the time. I drink to get drunk maybe twice a year at most, the rest of the time I drink because beer is fucking delicious and getting a buzz on isn’t unenjoyable.


Shrimp cocktails, shrimp IPA, shrimp dry Irish stout...

It’s pretty well documented that Driftwood does just about everything in the most awesomeist way possible. It’s a well founded reputation. I might be getting unreasonably excited to grab some of this seasons ‘Naughty Hildegard ESB’, which is one of my favorite beers of all time and easily the best ESB I’ve ever tried. I’m also looking forward to the revamped label, because the last one is painfully banal when compared to their current lineup.


Sesame Street: Teaching us to point out our differences since 1969.

The pour is a perfectly clear brassy amber with a finger of really fine eggshell white foam. Good retentive lacing.

The smells are pine, grapefruit, flowery esters, honey and melons. Very fruity aroma.

The tastes are pine resin, melons, cantaloupe, alcohol, orange peel and faint grains. Super bitter, not the craziest I’ve had but it’s up there. Barely can get any malt notes out of this. The alcohol is present, but not in a bad way, it mingles with the bitters fairly well.

The mouthfeel is really smooth; it just slides around really nicely. Has a medium body and decent carbonation. Flavors attack the tongue and slowly creep upwards, leaving a citrus/pine/sweet aftertaste with a bit of alcohol heat.

3.5/5 When the beer is this hoppy and alcoholic, I tend to get palate fatigue rather quickly, and I think that’s happening with this brew. Very pine hoppy, and if you are in to that, this might be your beer.


My face when.


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