Golden Ale by Ravens Brewing Co


“Stay gold ponyboy.. Stay gold” – Les Outsidours


outsider. Much tears. so cry.

Ravens Brewing makes superb brews. I love their Dark Mild, the Hot Chocolate Porter, and the Coffee IPA was decent too. I really need to stop by the brewery one day, way the shit out in Abbotsford. I have literally no reason to go to Abbotsford, other than to visit their various breweries. I’ve been to Old Abbey Ales a couple of times, I tried to go to Surley Brewing but it was closed for some stupid reason, and I still have to visit these guys and Field house, which I’ve heard great (possibly bias) things about. I just wish I could find some of Ravens Dry Irish Stout! I tried it at the recent Craft Beer Festival, and immediately fell in love. It’s phenomenal!


Regular sized sampler.

🎵He worked nights at the liquor mart, and he drank to pad his pay.
When he caught him lifting 40s, he shot a boy last may.🎵 ‘Golden Boy’ – Primus


🎵Boy baaaand🎵

If you don’t like Primus, your musical tastes need refinement. You probably also need your hearing checked, brain scanned, IQ tested, privilege checked, blood pressure calculated, Ph levels balanced and tires rotated. You’re a fucking mess. You need a beer and a hard smack.



The pour is an opaque, golden amber with about a finger of eggshell white fizz that settled to a nice haze. Good size collar and no noticeable lacing.

The smells are lemon grass, grains, light florals and watermelon. Very mild and delicate aroma.

The tastes are powerful fresh cut florals with an earthy tinge. Melons, slight lemon and a fantastic saltines foundation. This is excellent! I could crush these on a sunny beach all day.

The mouthfeel is fresh, light and billowy with a solid amount of carbonation. Flavors stick around the back and flank of the palate.

4.5/5 Well rounded, crushable, unique and most importantly, delicious! This is tied for the best golden ale I’ve ever had (Persephone makes the other), and it’s markedly different enough to warrant purchasing both, over and over again. Another amazing brew by Ravens!


Sexy upvote! Rawr


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