‘Sax in the Dark’ Dark Sour Ale by Phillips Brewing Co


I like Sax with the lights on. Actually, any Sax at all would be nice, as it’s been a while. A long, long while. What are we talking about here?


With the lights on.

Phillips has some of the most ‘poppy’, expressive, and interesting branding of any brewery currently brewing brews. I haven’t done too many write ups on their beer yet, but the few I have, I was immediately enamoured by the labelling. The Green Reaper and The Super Cooper (video games ❤) come to mind as primere examples of a great piece of artwork that sucked me in to a purchase. My dedicated readers are probably (definitely) tired of hearing it now, but I’ll say it again: Branding matters. A lot. Jaymes.


AI made a career around repetition.

What are we talking ’bout? Practice man. NOT A GAME, not a game. Practice man. – Allen ‘skipping record’ Iverson

There are way too many microbreweries out there to settle for plain labels and naming. Do Nike shoes sell because they are functional or because they look cool? Probably both, but when it comes to clothing, style and brand power often precedes functionality. If it didn’t, I’d probably wear a bed sheet and toe shoes every day.



Unfortunately, looking slovenly doesn’t get you far in life (unless you’re an artist), at least not in the first-world Western society, so I want my damn beer to be dressed up nicely. Maybe a nice push up bra and a sequined tutu will do. I don’t know fashion, I know beer.


The venetian blind ninja.

The pour is a clear, dark mahogany brown with a slight purple tint when back-lit. Has a half finger of fine bone white foam that slowly settled to a nice galaxy haze surrounded by collaring. Cool.


The milky way of beer.

The smells are grape juice (purple drank), sour lactobacillus, light smoke, dark chocolate and raw tobacco. It straight-up smells like Robitussin fucked a porter or something. I dig it.

The tastes are sour grape Kool-aid, raw tobacco, and faint semisweet chocolate. It’s super sour, super grape, and completely overwhelming any other possible tasting notes, but I’m still really enjoying it.

The mouthfeel is light bodied and the carbonation is fairly vigorous. This is too potent for slamming. Sour attacks the back of the jaw and the sides of the tongue. It’s got a bite to it.

4/5 I’ll be damned if I didn’t just find one of my favorite sours. First truly grape sour I’ve tried is a big winnah (hah hah hah)!


My reaction when?


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