‘Super 8-bit’ IPA by Fuggles & Warlock Craftworks


OH HOW DOPE IS THIS?! It’s like Fuggles & Warlock is me or something! I have a lot of love for 8-bit everything, so much love, I got it in tattoo form.


The bub tattoo is still healing. Mog is from a year ago.



I have more glorious 8-bit tattoos planned out for early summer this year as well. These were done by the wonderful and amazing ‘Birdie‘ at Black Rabbit Tattooing in Port Moody, for anyone that’s curious. She is amazing, and I have put her in charge of all my forthcoming NES tattoos. So stoked.

Video games and tattoos are a just a few of my favorite things. Just look at that beautiful label! 8-bit hops! The original NES font! I’m having a childhood flashback nerdgasm over here. My thumbs are cramping with excitement, my pulse is racing, my hair is on end. I just farted slightly! If this beer sucks, I will be excruciatingly disappointed, but I don’t think that’s going to be the case because F&W has a tendency to make pretty rad-ass beers.


My face when I saw it on the shelf.

NES was the greatest gaming system/toaster oven of all time, just above the PS2. So many memories, from blowing the cartridges, to jiggling the bastard in the system to get it to work, it’s a definitive part of my childhood and early adolescence. The two greatest Christmas presents of my childhood, in order, were my first BMX and my NES. I’m lucky I grew up when I did, living through bumps, bruises and THOSE FUCKING GODDAMN FALCON PIECES OF SHIT IN NINJA GAIDEN. DAMN YOU AND YOUR SPAWNS THAT FUCK ME IN MID AIR! ARGH!


Bane of my existence.

I have an unhealthy distain for pretty much all winged creatures thanks to that game.


Fuck yous are complimentary.

The pour is a perfectly clear medium amber with a finger of bright white soapy foam. Some light lacing. The clarity is remarkable.

The smells are big and beautiful! It’s like a juicy fruit salad with every fruit imaginable. Grapefruit, nectarines, passion fruit, apricots, melons, sour grapes, and sour patch kids just to name a few. Not getting a lot of malt aroma, it’s lost in the mega hops.

The tastes are hoppimania brother. Oranges, peach, mangos, lime, fine herbs and tree sap supplanted with a faint cracker and grains background. Highly bitter, this leans to the hop side in a big way. It’s powerful as hell, and I’m digging it!

The mouthfeel is medium bodied and really smooth. Decent carbonation. Flavors full-on assault from all angles, and leave a powerful lasting bitterness behind.

4/5 The label sold me and the beer kept me. Excellent IPA. Keeping beer weird apparently means keeping beer good. This is way better than their Destiny IPA. Try this beer, you won’t forget it!


Tears of joy.


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