Coffee IPA by Ravens Brewing Co & Oldhand


Ravens make some damn fine beer! I just got to try their Dry Irish Stout, and I’m really high on it. I might have also just been really high. It happens.


I’ve been over the labels before. Needs work, see me after class.

Every time I see Ravens on the shelf, my brain shouts: Edgar Allan Poetry (aka Night Pain), Baltimore football, and the ex-pro wrestler.

“That I scarce was sure I heard you (call that clothesline spot)”—here I opened wide the door;- Darkness there and nothing more. Better than Ray Rice, I muttered, or I’d be floored. – “Night Pain” Ed Poe


I pretty much only drink three things: Beer, coffee and water. This beer covers all those things, so if it’s good, I might only drink this and nothing more. I’m sure the police and my employer will understand that it’s all in the name of efficiency. That’s why I ran the median, it was the quickest route to my destination.


The pour is an opaque orange-amber with a finger of really fine pure white foam.

The smells are coffee (duh), exotic citrus fruits, florals, pomegranate and Multigrain breads. Super hop aromas, almost no detectable malts.

The tastes are coffee, coffee, coffee, blackberry, earthy and leafy tones. Has a barely-there caramel hiding in the background. Very coffee, very hop-forward and also, pretty damn tasty. It has an exotic fruit and berry spin (and coffee) that’s unique and refreshing. The hops linger and it’s a wonderful bitter burn.

The mouthfeel is thick and creamy, this ain’t a pounder. Flavors linger hard at the back of the palate. Good carbonation too.

3.5/5 It’s way different than any IPA I’ve ever had, mostly because it’s a coffee-forward IPA. The hop combo with the real coffee is weirdly exotic. It’s not perfect, but it’s worth trying at least once. I liked it well enough.



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