Mosaic Sour Belgian Wheat Ale by Powell Street Craft Brewery


Damn Powell Street gets down with the sours! I often get down with the sours, and I refuse to get down with the sickness because that song is time-locked to the year 2000. Nu metal didn’t age well. They use this song to promote shit like Crest White Strips and Club 16 now.


DOWN with the fitness!

đŸŽ”Los-ing ex-cess fat, isallthat mat-ters to mey! đŸŽ”

I had the Amarillo Sour by these guys not too long ago and it was amicable enough to draw me to buy this one. I sure wasn’t pulled in by the labeling, because aside from the nice sky blue, it’s pretty easy to pass over. So why did I eagerly snatch this off the shelf? It says SOUR on it in big, bold font. Sometimes, I’m that easy. I’m not talking about casual sex here. If that’s the subject matter, I’d be classified as.. Uh, also easy. That wasn’t the greatest comparison.


Club 16 easy.

The pour is a bright amber with a good finger of pure white, fine soapy head. Nice fat line of lacing.

The smells are quite shocking, and powerful. I smelled it the second I cracked the top. The smells are juicy sour fruits, funky foot stank (!), lactobacillus, cereal grains and wild berries. It’s nice once the initial shock wears off.

The tastes are funky feet (how do I know that..), limes, lactobacillus (BIG AND BITEY), tropical fruits (passion fruit, melons and kiwi) and a slight whole wheat background. This is a really sour sour. It’s very hard to take full mouthfuls of this without making Jim Carrey faces. That said, it’s well rounded and really tasty.


Sour beer faces.

The mouthfeel is medium and stabby. It attacks the back edges of your mouth and causes immediate salivation. Flavors seem to wash the whole palate and settle harder in the back. Slightly sticky residue.

4/5 Mosaic hops make a damn fine sour. Beware, it’s VERY sour. The only  sour… er, sour I’ve ever had was the EDNA sour by Four Winds Brewing, which might be the most sour thing on earth. It’s good, if you like this type of beer. It’s like a good Pilsner with a mouthful of Warheads.


My face when.


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