’52 Foot’ Stout by Barkerville Brewing Co


So what’s with the name? 52 foot Stout probably wasn’t just randomly plucked out of the air like a seagull that’s far too comfortable around humans, so I pulled up the website to investigate.



I got this tidbit:

“They said he was crazy, but Billy Barker could feel gold in his gut. Down river, close to Stout’s Gulch, he would stake his claim. Soon Barker and his crew pulled up 60oz of gold from 52ft below the ground, making his the richest claim in an area henceforth known as Barkerville” – From Barkerville.Com


I can't say I KARAT all. *shoots self*

The Hound of Barkerville, the best brown ale I’ve ever had, came from these guys. From the name (🎵to the wall🎵), to the label (🎵till the sweat drips off my balls🎵), to the fabulous brew itself; it’s top notch all around. That said, I’m a little sad about the new artwork. The last labels were fired-on, and far more expressive/eye-catching. On the plus side, the new bottle caps are a nice touch (it’s in the picture at the base of the bottle). Does the neato cap make up for the downgrade on the bottle art? All signs point to nope.


But then, not all signs are apt.

The new labels are OK.. I guess. I’ll forever miss the old ones though. #bringbacktheOGlabels

The pour is a deep pitch black, backlighting is useless, this black is impenetrable. Has a finger of beautiful, super fine, chocolate colored head that slowly faded to a nice haze. The lacing is copious and very sticky. Off to a good start.

The smells are roasted nuts, dark chocolate, warm toffee, slight coffee edge and whole wheat bread. Simple and effective. Pretty much what I anticipated for the style.

The tastes are dark chocolate, mid roasted coffee, toffee, molasses and tree sap (quite bitter). This is notably hoppier than most traditional stouts, and I’m totally fine with that. It’s got to be the birch syrup that giving that ‘je ne sais quoi’.

The mouthfeel is meaty and tar like. Super thick, even by stout standards. Middling carbonation. Flavors pretty much hang out on the back end of the palate, with the sap bitterness lingering on the finish.

3.5/5 Solid stout with a hoppy twist. If you like stouts, give this a try. It’s an interesting spin on the classic style, but not likely one that I’ll be rushing back for.


My face when.


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