‘Chocoholic’ Chocolate Milk Stout by Spinnakers Brewpub


🎵I got a golden ticket, I got a golden ticket🎵


Actually yeah, give me that back I need something to roll on.

The stout and porter season is starting to wind down and I’m saving some of the best for last. Now, I will continue to rotate the beer lineup style-wise as much as possible, but the coming spring will give rise to many saisons, pale ales, lagers and other light ‘summery’ types that will demand my attention. Such is the life of the beer junkie. Poor me right? Wipe your tears stoutheads, I’m already dead.


But football to the groin has a football to the groin...

The fine folks at Spinnakers gave me backstage access to this one, and I couldn’t be happier about it! It’s always nice to hear feedback from the makers of the brews I review. Strangely, breweries don’t seem to respond to the beers I crap all over. Even when I tweet it right at them. Strange, indeed! It’s almost like some breweries get insulted when I savagely point out their failings. Luckily, Spinnakers doesn’t have a bad beer in their entire lineup. Lucky for me! OK, lucky for everyone in BC. I shouldn’t be selfish about it. We can all enjoy their wonderful creations, I suppose. *kicks dirt dejectedly*

They probably wouldn’t be able to keep the business alive if I was their only customer. I will continue to pretend they make beer for me exclusively, and feel the warm fuzzys for it.


For me..?

This label features a chocolate bar wrapped in a gold label, hence the golden ticket reference up at the top there in case you missed it. How did you get this far in to the article? You must have done that thing where your eyes keep reading but your brain stops processing the information. I hate that. Go back up and reread it, and pay attention this time. Are we back? Good. I got a beer to drink here, and I CAN’T WAIT.

The pour is jet black, minimal tan head, big bubbly collar. The collar is so big, Don Cherry tried to starch it.


It's like he got his head stuck in a lampshade.

The smells are pretty typical stout, with an obvious chocolate hit. Getting slight coffee, molasses, toasted bread, and rich milk chocolate. Beautiful!

The tastes are milk chocolate (mild and REAL), black coffee, toffee, buttered toast, and a tinge of liquorice. The chocolate tastes so good here as a marquee flavor that compliments, rather than overpowers. Real chocolate husks were used to brew it, and it works really really well.

The mouthfeel is pure velvet and mid-heavy. One of the creamiest stouts I’ve ever had, and it’s not even nitrogenated. Flavors slowly wash over the whole palate, leaving the slight chocolate bitter as the topper.

4.5/5 This is probably the best stout I’ve ever had! It’s not overwhelmingly chocolate, so it doesn’t wear thin. A true blue, chocolate stout that takes no prisoners, except for me. They’ve imprisoned my heart, shackled my brainstem and locked down my pe-… Pectoral muscles… Yeah. I wasn’t going to say penis, I swear.


Thumbs up, friendo.

Spinnakers has many great beers that I’ve ranted incoherently about. Check em out. Or check em in if you like being difficult.

Happy new beers!


Titanic stout!

The original crazy journey.

English IPA.

Dark sour!


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