‘Green Eyes White’ English IPA by Ridge Brewing Co


Green Eyes White? Sounds like a 90s band name. Third Eye Blind anyone? 🎵I’m not listenin’ when you say, gooodbyyyyye.🎵


I feel kind of sorry for anyone named Felicia. Everyone makes this joke at their expense.

Terrible song. Gets stuck in my head every time. You know what I hate about third eye blind? At least everything, minimum. It’s stood the test of bland time, to make it to the quintessential annuals of dad rock. Right beside Everclear and Matthew Good. They will never get a single red cent of my money for the injustice of propagating safe, radio rock anthems that are now mostly heard during between whistles at Canuck games. Ridge Brewing, on the other hand, has gotten many of my cents, red or otherwise. Because their beers don’t go🎵do-do-do, do-do do-do🎵and call it a day. Fuck that shit. Shitty, sloppy, mailed-in lyrics.


I would literally rather listen to her farts.

Ridge brewery has a great atmosphere, and friendly, knowledgeable staff. I’ve tried their whole catalog, and the milk stout (totally not a milk stout, where’s the friggin chocolate boys?) is the reason I keep coming back. It’s TITS. I also would like to give a shout-out to their neat flat screen TV beer-board that displays the brews they have available, with little puns and funny bits. I wish I took a picture, it looks really nifty. If you find yourself in Ridge for some ungodly reason (picking up Meth, selling Meth, making Meth, daycare, etc), be sure to visit the brewery. Tell em I sent you. That totally won’t elicit a confused glance.


You buying anything or what?

Lame labels. How hard is it to make a decent label? Apparently very. I should get good at coreldraw and just start sending ideas to breweries, because clearly this is an untapped (boooo) market. BEER PUNS.

The pour is a totally opaque, dark orangey amber with a tiny amount of head that disappeared immediately. No collar or haze. No lacing. English IPA is not a pretty looking beer type. Muddy and dull, it’s not winning any pageants.

The smells are mild grapefruit, moss, sugary candies, caramel, and tea leaves. It’s a reserved aroma and quite nice.

The tastes are florals, orange zest, tea leaves, grass, rich caramel (very noticeable), and exotic fruits. Has a mild palate, but the flavors are showcased well. Very well balanced.

The mouthfeel is medium, it has some weight to it, but still feels very drinkable. Medium carbonation. Flavors concentrate around the upper back edges of the palate and kind of stay there. Leaves a nice caramel and herbal aftertaste.

3.5/5 This is a nice, easy-drinking English IPA. I think this and the milk stout are the 2 best mainstay offerings from Ridge. This is worth a try, especially for IPA heads.


My reactions when.

Here’s some earwash. The always incredible, Porcupine Tree.


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