‘Night Train’ Cascadian Dark Ale by Arrowhead Brewing Co


🎵I’m on the nightrain, I love that stuff
I’m on the nightrain, I can never get enough
I’m on the nightrain, never to return, no🎵 – G n’ Fucking R ‘Nightrain’


Arrowhead is another relatively new brewery in British Columbia that I haven’t gotten around to sampling yet. These breweries are multiplying faster than Starbucks, which for beer critiques, simultaneously makes life less coherent and more delicious. I buy different beers from different breweries every single time I go to the store, and I am far, far away from running out of new options. Seasonals, mainstays, experimental brews, and new breweries will keep me busily inebriated for probably the rest of my life. But I still maintain that it’s better than a crack reviewing blog. Well, beer is likely easier to write aboot.


This label is pretty slick! It’s actually reminded me of the Final Fantasy 6 boss ‘Ghosttrain’, because FUCK YA FF6! You could kill the boss with a single Phoenix Down, but it was way funn(i)er using Sabin and suplexing his bitch ass.




The pour is black with a ridiculous amount of lumpy tan head. I had to step back, it looked like one of those shitty ‘snake’ things we used to get as kids that claimed to be ‘fireworks’. I thought the head was going to keep rising up from the glass in to a column of fucking disappointing ash. That’s not a firework goddammit, why do you sell them alongside the real fireworks? Has some seriously resilient lacing, and the crazy head never fully receded.

The smells are strong grapefruit, black currant, and citrus hop aromas backed up with mild toasty chocolate and cereal notes. Very hop-forward aroma, almost IPAish.

The tastes are earthy notes, flower garden, citrus fruits, black current, cracked pepper and a slight smoky oak hit. Again, very hop-forward but it’s still interesting despite the unbalanced nature.

The mouthfeel is really light and easy-drinking with a big amount of carbonation. Tastes centralize in the middle of the tongue, leaving a lasting, earthy, bitter aftertaste.

3.5/5 It’s a neat, mildly complex palate, but not something that wows me. What’s remarkable about this beer is the sheer amount of hop notes present without going overboard on bitterness. It’s a one-and-done for me, but one I’ll remember no doubt.



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