‘Unsanctioned’ Saison by Category 12 Brewing


The last Category 12 I had was so nice, I think I’ll try another twelve or fifty.


It’s hard to find a saison that I really love, unless we’re dabbling in the Four Winds realm. They are the kings of the saison. Unfortunately, this is a damn tough act to follow. Like whatever happened after Janet flashed some titty on TV. I think there was a bowl of some type. A spectacular bowl, perhaps.


I’ll never understand why Americans are so afraid of female aeriolas, and nudity in general. Oh right. SIN. Nude people drag you directly to hell by your eyeballs because exposed flesh is the devil! Gun violence is cool but no nips, guys. Nips will destroy our morals. If I was walking down the street with no pants on, carrying a shotgun, the real issue would be my exposed wang. Just so we’re clear here. One is a deadly weapon, and one is used for hunting game. Also, one is a penis.


The pour is a slightly opaque, brassy amber with a good finger of dull white soapy head. Very good sticky lacing. Settled to a huge collar. Like one giant aeriola. BOOBS.


The smells are citrus CITY, apricots, cut grass, pears, all-sorts (the horrible candy), oatmeal and florals. It’s a slightly hop-end aroma. Not bad.

The tastes are less intense than the nose. Oatmeal, pears, red wine tannins, lemon zest, mystery spice #12, nectarine and a slight ‘sour’ tinge. Has a particularly dry finish. Also, not bad.

The mouthfeel is really light and surprisingly flat, but maybe I poured too aggressively. Flavors settle at the back of the palate, and never really leave.

3/5 It’s OK. Far from the best saison I’ve had, but worth a shot if you like a dry citrusy type saison. I prefer their black IPA by a few nipples and a flaccid dong.



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