‘Disruption’ Black IPA by Category 12 Brewing


šŸŽµKilo G on trial cold cut a fart Disruption of a court, said the judge.
On a six-year sentence my man didn’t budgešŸŽµ- Easy-E ‘Boyz in that hood’

Not only does that lyric contain the name of the beer I’m reviewing, but it also has the word ‘fart’ in it. That’s kind of rare in rap. I listened to, and still listen to, a lot of rap, and I can tell you from experience that that word doesn’t come up often. Something about trying to appear hard as fuck doesn’t mesh well with one of the human bodies more hilarious functions. Could you take Tupac seriously if he threw down a rhyme about passing gas? Then again I suppose this could apply to any genre of music outside of comedy. I just have to accept that Adele isn’t going to ever use the word flatulate on album. It’s a damn shame, too.


You KNOW she farts! She's farting NOW!

The label got my attention, and the award-winning gold splash got extra-more-plus my attention. Lots going on here. I actually stared at the label for a while because it’s quite intricate and detailed. Looks to be a Meth lab powered by C12. Needs a pizza on the roof.



Goofing aside, the label is really cool. Moving along then.

The pour is pitch black with a finger of fluffy tan foam. Great sticky lacing too. This beer looks killer!

The smells are distinctly IPA, with an immediate opening hit of citrus and pine bang. Smoky dark chocolate, nuts and brown sugar round it out with a slight noticeable hint of alcohol. Pretty damn good so far.

The tastes are grapefruit, pine resin, cedar, very mild smoke, dark chocolate, black coffee and buttered overblackened toast. It’s weirdly well rounded, I didn’t expect the dark malts notes to go so nicely with the West coast hop attack, but here we are. Here I am.


WTF Internet? Seriously, WTF.

The mouthfeel is silky smooth and medium bodied, I won’t be slamming it but it won’t last me hours like most thicker beers would. A full palate cascade that hangs on way back on the tongue.

4.5/5 Hory mory that’s good beer! Not for the faint of palate, this has a kick! IPA heads and Dark Siths unite in a beautiful way. It’s unique, expressive, hoppy as fuck, and still leaves room for the dark malt notes to shine through. I’ll be back for more! Good form!


My face when.


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