‘A Wee Angry Scotch’ Ale by Russell Brewing Co


Time to review a well-known brew, the ANGRY SCOT(CH)!


This is an easy one to find, at least in western Canada and maybe just over the border. I always see it on the shelf, but I never really bothered with it because oh, I don’t know, THE LABEL IS NOTHING SPECIAL. Sorry I had to raise my voice, these opinion columns anger up the blood. Obviously I care about branding, maybe too much.


It’s a serious gig.

I haven’t had a Russel brew in a while. I believe the last one I had was their Hoppy Hefeweizen, which is excellent. Every time I see their beer on the shelf I get flashes of all the famous Russells roll through my head like a slideshow, and there’s a lot of them. Russell Crowe, Russell Peters, Russell Wilson and sometimes Kurt Russell. Take your pick, I hate half of them for various reasons.


🎵Making movies, making songs ‘n fight-in’ round the world🎵

The pour is a deep mahogany brown with no head, just a very fine haze. Good clarity and a slight red tint when back-lit. It’s anger is rising..

The smells are dark fruits, slight smoke, oak and toffee. If you’ve ever smelled beer wort boiling, that’s how it mostly smells.


The tastes are dark fruit (plum, raisins and prunes), toffee, burnt sugar, and some leafy tea-cirtus hops at the finish. It starts off very pungent and sweet but wanes as the palate acclimates. Fairly well rounded.


The mouthfeel is thick and almost chewy, but the flavors don’t stick around long which I found peculiar. Has a mild carbonation that fits the style nicely.


3/5 Well done but it’s not likely a beer I’ll be back for. I’m not exactly in to the ‘wee heavy’ types of beers yet, but I’ll keep at it. One-and-done for me, but don’t let that deter you! This beer is somewhat acclaimed round these here parts, so it’s worth picking up at least once.

🎵Anger rising up inside him yet again
Tell me you got a plan?
Deaf and blind I’m living with the lepers and
You want to hold my hand?🎵


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