‘Hot Chocolate’ Porter by Ravens Brewing Co


🎵One-two One-Two-Three uh!

Hot pants! Hey, hot pants uh! Smokin!
Hot pants! Smokin that-hot pants!🎵- James Brown and his usual brand of deep, meaningful song lyrics.


Eddie Murphy Delirious. One of the best stand up acts ever, if you weren't already privy to the fact.

I first tried Ravens Brewing about a month ago. A co-worker suggested I give their ‘Dark mild’ a try, and I’m glad he did because it’s excellent! I saw this on the shelf, all by itself, because it was the last one. I thought to myself “Either it’s that good, or everyone is a sucker for a beer that has ‘Hot Chocolate’ in the title”. Upon reading the label, my eyes fell on the ingredient ‘cacao nibs’. After removing the fecal matter from my shorts and socks, I paid for my barrage of random bombers, and apologized to the staff for the mess and flailing. A porter with real cacao nibs?! Goddammit I liked those boxer briefs.


It's brown! I'm NOT the father! Woo!

But enough about my exuberant glee-defications, let’s beer!

The pour is jet black with a finger of super foamy chocolate brown head that ebbed to a beautiful bubbly haze. Has pretty, thin lacing that coated the whole mug. GANGSTER!

The smells are big deep cacao, creamy vanilla and roasted almonds. It smells wonderful, like real chocolate. Straight ahead full on chocolatey madness! Macho madness! WORDS!


My face when.

The tastes are big cacao, real cacao! Wow! Has some creamy vanilla and an earthy robust backdrop. It’s simple, but highly expressive. This is exactly as advertised, a real, hot chocolate porter. Very good!

The mouthfeel is mid-bodied and extra creamy. Has light carbonation, perfect for the style. The beer washes the whole palate, leaving a slightly bitter chocolate finish that lagers and is just fabulous.

4.5/5 This is the best beer I’ve ever had that marketed itself as ‘chocolate’. It tastes like real chocolate, not that gimmicky fake ass Nestlé bullshit. This is a real treat! I’ll be back for more of this 110%!


This reference is wildy obscure.


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