‘Ciel De Nuit’ Dark Sour by Spinnakers Brewpub


Ciel De Nuit = Night sky

Spinnakers make some truly interesting and different types of hybrid beers and this is no exception. Most breweries throw their own spin on the sour motif, usually in the way of different featured fruits or specific hopping meant to bring new twists to this oft-overlooked brew type. This sour attempts to bridge the gap between the creamy, toasty dark side and the tangy, fuck-your-tastebuds sour end, and I can’t wait to crack this to see if it’s as good as my mind already decided it is.


Not to get ahead of myself here, brain.

The label, for whatever reason, works very well in a ‘classy, and maybe a bit evil’ kind of way. The all black and white color scheme is nicely complemented with a slight gold fade and a Fleur-de-lis (French symbol of Frenchness). I have Métis in my blood (along with plenty of alcohol to match the stereotypes), so I’m probably the most qualified person to be reviewing this beer properly. Maybe it’s the chug in me.


Damn it fells good to be a Tanker!


I need to plug Firefly Fine Ales again, for consistently stocking the many flavors of Spinnakers. It’s hands-down the best place to get the biggest variety of cold craft beer in the greater Vancouver area. Almost all the beer I review is procured from their fine establishment, and although I’m not expecting freebies for the plug, I’m not not expecting it either. I’m not unexpecting free beers, but I wouldn’t not unaccept none either. Just so we’re clear.


I won’t UNuse no Simpsons references neither.

The pour is a deep dark black with no head, collar or lacing. It lives up to the namesake, visually at least.

The smells are sour lactose, brown sugar, oak, slight dark chocolate and black cherry. It’s a reserved, yet pleasant aroma.

The tastes are quite remarkable. Best I can describe in brief, is that it’s a soured porter. Coffee, dark berries, semisweet chocolate, wheat, molasses, and the expected lactose-kick. It’s not a super strong taste overall, and it’s very nicely balanced, particularly for a sour.

The mouthfeel is fairly light and easy-drinking. Very faint, ticklish carbonation. The flavors concentrate at the back of the mouth and fade out quickly, leaving a slightly sticky reside.

4/5 I really dig this! A sour-porter combo that’s easy-drinking and refreshingly unique. I don’t think Spinnakers can do any wrong, as I haven’t had a beer by them not worthy of writing about. If you ever see Spinnakers on the shelf…. DO IT! I AM HERE!




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