‘La Tormenta’ Dry Hopped Sour Ale by Breakside Brewery


‘La Tormenta’ = Storm

Playing cards and lousy weather sounds pretty exactly like the last ten years of my life, so this should do just fine.



The grand majority of excitement in poker seems to be the winning part, which is probably why I find it so boring. Though these appear to be Tarot cards, which conjures up thoughts of somebody trying to bullshit me about my future. I guess it’s fine if it’s just fun nerd stuff, but if anybody takes that malarkey seriously then I’ve got a great deal on some magic beans over here.


Nerds and their poketarots and magicarps.

“and this card indicates you’re a dick

So I’m assuming that the label is visually trying to indicate the saying “Stormy weather is in the cards” or something near that, which might not be the best way to draw people to buy your beer. If the average person can even draw a conclusion like that, but then I might also be assuming I’m a lot smarter than I am for figuring out what amounts to an easy round of Classic Concentration.


Uh.. Bfox Bomb Hoe toocan. Yea.

Fuck I loved that stupid gameshow. Kids are easy to entertain.

The pour is a slightly opaque light amber with a finger of pure white bubbly froth. Eventually ebbed to a full haze.

The smells are powerful, I could smell it immediately upon opening the bottle. Getting big juicy grapefruit and citrus, lemon rind, skittles-like candy sweetness, and a slight wine-like aroma, something along the lines of a dry white. It’s a big, beautiful aroma that literally has me salivating.

The tastes are.. Way different than the nose. Surprised by that. First off is a big lactobacillus sour punch, followed by pineapple, oranges, and milder melon-like flavors. I’m not getting a lot of malt end, just a bit of bready undercurrent, if any. It’s tart and sour, but far from overbearing. Not well rounded, mostly a hop end brew, but not bad at all.

The mouthfeel is light and vigorously carbonated. It stays mostly in the center of the tongue, and seems to evoke a salty reaction on my palate. It makes me salivate over and over again. So weird.

3.5/5 This is an oddball brew, and I had a harder time trying to rate this. If you like sours, you should give this a try. Big nose, and mild flavors that throw you off. I might get this again.




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