English India Pale Ale by Spinnakers Brewpub


“Yes I get by with a little help from my friends,
With a little help from my friends” – Those Beatles fellows again


A good friend of mine got me this because she thought the art on the bottle was neat. I’m super stoked because I haven’t actually seen this one on the shelf before, and it’s an English IPA which greatly piques my interest. It’s not often my attention is so readily held by something that doesn’t have areolas.


I fashion myself an assman, but everyone can appreciate a good tit or two. Usually two.

Spinnakers always come correct on the label tip (I’ve suddenly shifted to gutter talk?). They all look polished and professional, and maybe don’t stand out as hard as say, that crazy yellow Rogue bottle, but they still stand out. Hopefully enough to lure more people try their beers. The good kind of luring, not the dangerous Internet Predator type of luring. Fuck, why would you assume that.


The pour is an opaque golden amber with aboot🍁 two fingers of pure white soapy bubbles. No noticeable lacing. Looks decent enough.

The smells are tart citrus, lovely florals, funky yeast, and fresh bread. It’s mostly a tart floral aroma, and it’s wonderful!

The tastes are big florals, seriously it’s like a botanical garden in my mouth. Bits of lemon rind, monster wheat, funky yeast, and a slight dry finish. The bitterness has a slow building effect, and toward the end of the beer I was completely awash in floral bitter heaven. This is a welcome change from the usual west coast kick-in-the-face IPAs.

The mouthfeel is really light and crushable. Very airy and turbulent carbonation. Easy to pound back, which at 7.1% is dangerous.

4/5 So much different than the IPAs we usually get on the west coast. It’s hoppy, but not ridiculous. The florals with bits of citrus match nicely against the big bread and wheat. A well rounded, and expressively different IPA. I definitely dig this!


No crazy Spinnakers tale this time, as I am officially out of brown acid (for now). Check out my other Spinnakers tales!

Happy new beers!


Titanic stout!

The original crazy journey.


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