Oat Porter by Four Winds Brewing


Time to review one of my current favorite beers! I’ve been drinking these for a good month or two and just haven’t gotten around to actually reviewing it. I already know it gets a near perfect score. So uh, *spoilers* I guess.


If you haven't seen most of these.

Four Winds, all the way out in freaking Delta goddammit. This beer is one of the reasons I go out there, because it sells out immediately wherever it gets stocked, pissing me off. So the rare time I do get out that way, I load up and get a growler of something they don’t bottle. Last time was Tiger Style, which was weird but good.


The ball represents the Oat Porter being snatched from my hands. LeBrons face represents my face.

“On through the dead of night 
With the four Horsemen ride 
Or choose your fate and die!” – Metallica ‘The Four Horsemen’

The first horseman is based on appearances, because he is vain and shallow. This horseman places high value on the thigh gap and whatever the male equivalent of thigh gap is.. Probably scrotum slot or something. His name that sat on him was Maybelline. Maybe he’s born with it.


Ridiculously photogenic metalhead.

The pour is black with a slight red tint when well lit. Not much head, just a nice haze and minor collar. Darker is better.

The second horseman is centered around odors, and he has a huge nose. He also is very frivolous, the two may be related. The name that sat on him was Jew.


It's not antisemitism when it's funny.

The smells are dark chocolate, freshly ground coffee, cracked pepper, and an oat and wheat backdrop. Splendid!

The horseman the third is all about flavors, as in Flava FLAAAAAAAAVE.


The gremlin is more attractive.

The tastes are rich dark chocolate, dark roast coffee, earthy notes, mild florals, brown sugar, oatmeal, toasted nuts and a touch of Rye. Fan. Damn. Tastic. It’s a mild palate overall, and I could easily recommend this to people that are new to the style.

The final horseman is all about the feels, man. He lets his silly opinions and emotions effect his life too much, so he dumps it on Facebook then gets all bent out of shape when somebody has the audacity to try and provide any reasonable counter point. The name that set on him was Pansy-that-should-stay-their-emotional-ass-off-social-media. The third.


Well that was oddly specific.

The mouthfeel is mid-light bodied and smooth as velvet. This is absolutely a sessionable brew, which is weird for a porter. Has highly active carbonation, also not common for the beer type.

4.5/5 One of my current favorite beers! I get this over and over, absolutely love it. The only reasons it might not get a perfect score, is it’s very light for a true porter, and the fact that it’s nearly impossible to find. It sells out immediately everywhere it’s sold, goddammit. I love this beer.


Don't we all?


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