‘Pale Pony’ American Pale Ale by Laurelwood Brewing Co


“And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him.” Revelations 6:8


Death prefers no foam, soy milk, Chai tea. Extra hot.

I tried this a few months ago on tap at the Billy Miner in Maple Ridge (great food and beer selection), so I already know this is a good beer. I’m mostly curious to find out if it maintains its excellence in bottle format, as most beers are far better from the tap. Like how the book is always superior, and you won’t shut the fuck up about it while I’m trying to WATCH THE DAMN MOVIE CARL.


Goddamn bird!

I’m not big on this label, it’s Denver Bronco colored, and I hate the AFC this year. Every fuckin year it’s either the stupid Pats or the stupid Broncos, at least the NFC has some goddamn VARIETY. Go NFC! Specifically, GO CARDINALS. Win it for Fitz! (This review is being written the week prior to the conference championship games in 2016 FYI)


Dafuq is dis?

The pour is a clear, bright golden amber, with no head. A little bit of haze, no collar or lacing. Looks a lot better than the Broncos do.

The smells are big pine and grapefruit with hints of exotic fruits. Very straightforward, but very fresh and bold overall. Probably smells better than the Broncos do, but don’t quote me on that.

The tastes are earthy tones, pine resin, mild citrus notes, florals and crackers. Again, straightforward but bold and expressive. Great balance here, both the hops and malts get a spot in the sunshine. Not too bitter, just the right amount of punch. Unlike the completely unbalanced Broncos and their broken down quarterback.

The mouthfeel is really light and bubbly. I would call this sessionable. A great full mouth flavor attack. Unlike the Broncos sputtering offense, that would have trouble attacking a tied up baby.

4/5 One of the better pales I’ve had recently. It’s a bold, to-the-point brew that gets the job done. Fuck the Broncos. Extra double fuck the Patriots. Great beer, get it!


My reaction. GO CARDS!


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