‘Lil’ Red’ Sour Red Ale by Townsite Brewing Inc


“This is a motherfucking invitation
The only one you could ever need.
This is a motherfucking invitation.
You try me.” – ‘Redneck’ – Lamb of God


An easy going tune. Look it up!

The label features a red chair, which according to the blurb on the side, is mildly(?) famous for photo-bombing photographs throughout the Powell River area. This is the type of quaint, weirdness I have come to expect from Vancouver. The thing is, as an ultra-cynic kinda-conservative asshole, I can’t help but feel the quaintness is forced and the results are simply trite. Quite trite, indeed.


Dapper crab is assumedly tickled.


I haven’t gotten around to delving in to their (deep) catalog yet, aside from their seasonal wet hop, simply due to lack of time versus sheer amount of breweries to sample. They have a lot of beer types, especially at the beer store I go to, and I will eventually get around to each one. I just need more time, and that is something I don’t lack. Fuck, all I do is workout and sleep these days. Sometimes simultaneously.


Sleep is for the weak.

The pour is a dark copper color, with no head just a good size collar. No noticeable lacing. OK start.

The smells are tangy strawberries, sour candies, wine tannins, baking bread, hint of molasses and a somewhat boozy note like Rye or brandy. Not bad, not amazing. The boozeiness kind of kills it for me.

The tastes are sour lactose (right off top), stale wine, brown sugar, oats, red berries, gummy sour keys and Oak. Interesting combination. It truly tastes like a hybrid red-sour ale. Unfortunately, I don’t love the juxtaposition.

The mouthfeel is mid-light bodied and highly carbonated. Flavors seem to hang around the back of the mouth mostly, leaving a slightly sticky residue on the tongue. Too much flavor to session, but I expected that from a sour.

3/5 An interesting combination, but the overall flavors didn’t really wow me. They absolutely succeeded in creating a hybrid red-sour, and if you love those beer types, I’d say find it and give it a go. It’s a one-and-done for this curmudgeon.


Mt face when.


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