‘All out’ Stout by Bridge Brewing 


*throwback review doesn’t necessarily match my current format*

The second beer my baby broseph,  Benitals bought for me (always alliterate amirite?). The black Rye IPA was scrum-diddily-umptious, so let us see how their stout holds up shall we? We shill. A reeno.


Ann Landers is a boring old bitty!

Different nautical themed squiggles on this label. If I was the art guy I’d probably hide a penis in there somewhere because I’m a mature adult with a highly sophisticated sense of humor.

A man walks in to a motel.

“I’d like to rent a room for the night. The porn had better be disabled!”

“It’s just regular porn, you sick fuck!”


Wu-wu-wu what a great audience!

It pours deep black with almost non existent head and smells like black coffee. The taste is coffee and bittersweet cacao with what seems to be, a bit of a Pilsner(?) hop bite to it. It’s an interesting combination. 

It says on the bottle that this is a good nightcap beer. Encouraging me to drink before bed is bad. I mean, I was going to anyway, but they shouldn’t be advocating that type of behavior. I’ll form bad habits on my own, without your encouragement, Bridge. Thanks. It should remind me to drink responsibly, so I can just ignore it like all the other warning signs I happen across. Like this obtuse painful bump on my neck. Totally not cancer. It’s just a muscle that lost its way.



“The liquor is calling the shots now, Randy.” – Jim Lahey 

This is a sipping beer. It’s just too heavy to slam back. It took me a couple of hours to finish this bottle. I’m a slow drinker, but that’s really slow even by my standards. 

“Slow ride, easy, slow ride, sleazy” – Foghat 

Ha! I didn’t know they said ‘sleazy’ until I looked the lyrics up. 

3.5/5 It’s certainly not bad if you want a cocoa coffee beer. It’s a bit more carbonated than I’m used to for this style. Worth trying at least once.


My face when.


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