IPA by The Pike Brewing Co


My wonderful parents brought back this beer for me from their recent Seattle excursion. They are expecting a review of it, while I was expecting a bunch of hookers and blow, but you “Can’t always get, whatchu want”. But if you try sometimes. You just might find. You just. Might. Find.

You get what chu nee-yeed! Awwwwww ye!


You'll get what you need.

The Pike Marketplace has been around for over a hundred years, and the brewery has been around since 1989, so these guys are not new to the craft beer scene by any stretch. Much like Vancouver, Seattle was hipster before it was cool(so meta). We set annoying nationwide trends in the Northwest, so you can thank us for the flannel 90s too. We ARE Starbucks. We are NOT responsible for any rap or hip hop; no not even Macklemore.


🎵like the ceiling cat told usss🎵

The label is ugly and boring, BUT it’s the original label from the 80s so it’s gets a pass. My brother thought it was some British beer or something, which made me question his sanity and eyesight. I know he isn’t blind and retarded, but now I have a creeping doubt.


... U wot m8?

The pour is a completely opaque dark amber with a slight orange tint. Poured no head. Ugly duckling beer.

The smells big pine, citrus, exotic fruits, caramel and sweet plum. A nice, balanced aroma. This could be good!

The tastes exotic citrus, pine, earth, flowers, and cereal. It’s extremely mild, more malt-end (for an IPA on the west coast) and the flavors seem to drop off immediately. This is actually very hard to peg individual notes on. It’s really nice and unlike any IPA I’ve ever had before. It’s not an American or West coast IPA, but more like a European IPA. The hopping is more in the aromatics, and is actually very well balanced. I like it.

The mouthfeel is medium and smooth as silk on the way down. Has a light tickling carbonation, and the flavors wash over the whole palate before promptly fucking off completely leaving only a mild pine sensation. Not a sessionable beer.

4/5 Another IPA, another winner! This is a good ‘entry’ IPA for people that might be adverse to the style. It stands up well, and has a certain uniqueness to it that keeps me engaged. Well done!


My reaction.


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