Honey Kolsch by Rogue Farms


Look at this fucking thing. LOOK AT IT.


Now obviously I was drawn to this bottle, mostly because it stands out like an Irishman in daylight or a dad at a One Direction concert.


I like Kolsch, and I like honey. They sound like a match made in heaven, so I’m eagerly anticipating cracking and reviewing this pylon. I’ve only tried one of Rogue’s brews before, the 7 hop IPA (it was ight). They seem to have a lot of weird and wacky concoctions like passion fruit doughnut and Sriracha ale (ew), which is cool. Weird is welcome in a sea of relatively safe (sane) selections. Standing out is a good thing.


The pour is a slightly opaque bright golden yellow with aboot a halfa finger of pure white bubbly froth that immediately gave way to a full haze. A beautifully vibrant looking brew.

The smells are sweet wheat, fresh flowers, and a bit of grass. Simple and sweet, it’s an inviting aroma.

The tastes are flowers, grass, saltines, wheat and very faint honey on the end. Again, simplistic and really nice!

The mouthfeel is super light and vibrant. I’d say it’s highly sessionable, but I don’t know the abv because it doesn’t appear to be printed on the bottle. This goes down fast though, and I can’t really detect the alcohol so, I’d put it in the 4.5-6.0 range.

4/5 Fantastic Kolsch, one of the best that I’ve tried. The honey gives it a little bit of extra sweet but doesn’t overwhelm at all. I’d recommend this to any type of beer drinker, especially the more casual types that generally stick to lagers/pils. Try this beer!



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