Barrel Aged Apricot Ale by Mission Springs Brewing Co


Another wax-top beer! You ever drip hot wax on your lover? Me neither. You kind need a lover first, I’m not going to sexily drip hot wax on myself while rubbing one out. How’s that for a mental image? The closest I’ve come to that would be pitching hot water at the raccoons on my back porch.


Witness as I play my water harp.

I’ve never tried a Mission Springs brew yet, and I actually can’t recall ever seeing any in stores either. I’m thinking the labels probably don’t really stand out much, considering the only reason I was drawn to this was the wax-top. I don’t mind apricots, as long as it isn’t super-over-the-top apricot flavor. I want to drink beer, not fucking alcoholic apricot juice. That’s the problem I have with some ‘flavored’ beers, it should be a complimentary flavor to the beer. If I want a pussy cooler, I’ll drink a pussy cooler; nothing wrong with that. Not literally a pussy cooler, I’d question the refreshing qualities of such a product.


I am agog at the extreme relevance here.

The pour is a nice brassy amber with about a finger of soapy vibrant white foam. Has a little chaotic lacing. Fat bubbles surrounded by little bubbles, like little solar systems… Am I high?

Am I ever not?

The smells apricots, candied plum, wine tannin, caramel and festive spices. It’s a very nice aroma.

The tastes are mild apricots, plum, wine tannins, oak, caramel, florals, and fresh wheat. Finishes with a slight alcohol warmth. Overall it follows the nose very closely. It’s a unique, mid-complexity brew that I’m enjoying very much.

The mouthfeel is medium bodied and a bit sticky. It’s a little too thick and tart to pound back, and at 8.0%, too alcoholic to session. Flavors dance around the edges of the mouth and leave a nice apricot glow on the palate. This brew sticks with you quite literally.

4/5 A damn fine ale, I was pensive because I generally don’t like these holiday gimmicky beers, but this was excellent. Cheers to diversity! I’ll have to sample more of their catalog if I can actually remember the nondescript name.



My face when.


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