‘Operis’ Brett Saison by Four Winds Brewing


Operis roughly translated means, either a composition or work of art, if my Googleing serves me correctly. So they named this beer, considering it a work of art, which is exactly my type of pompous! If it was a pro wrestler, it’d be “The Masterpiece” Chris Masters who I thought was dead but, nope, still alive for now.


Still alive. Teabagging his opponents.

I am less of a visual artist and more of an auditory artist. My Operis lays between drumming and making this beer blog. Drinking and drumming. Often in conjunction!


The drunker I get, the more my guitarists need to watch for errant flying sticks.

Four Winds make excellent beer, they are one of my ‘safe bet’ buys when I just want to drink a damn good beer. The Juxtapose, Wildflower, Saison, Pale, and Oat Porter are all really good and certainly worth picking up if your local liquor stores carry it (Unfortunately, I suspect it gets distribution mostly in Western Canada, if not exclusively.). My only beef with these guys is the branding is par, at best. Seriously, as my friend once put it: “it looks like a Worcestershire sauce label or something”. I concur.

I see only two reasons to travel to Delta, this beer and Krispy Kreme. Although, I can’t even really say Krispy Kreme anymore because I OD’ed on their sugar rings of death a few summers ago. Too many doughnuts. Yes, a Canadian just said that.


How do you get this far? Seriously. YOU'RE A COP. YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE FIT.

I bet that guy has to wipe his ass with a squeegee and a selfie stick. He probably should just go ass-first through a car wash. I am not PC at all.


Check your privilege, bro!

The pour is an opaque orange-amber with aboot a half finger of pure white foam that ebbed immediately to a full haze. Has some light messy lacing.

The smells biscuits, red wine, stone fruits, and a hint of fruity barnyard funk. Very bright aroma.

The tastes are hay, crackers, banana, marmalade, dark fruits and more barnyard funk (Dat Brett yeast). The funk is nice in a pungent cheese way. It’s decent. The combination of Brett over bright fruits didn’t really wow me, honestly.

The mouthfeel is light and turbulent. High carbonation on this one. It washes the full palate all at once and lingers on the back edges of the tongue with a mild tartness. It goes down easy, as the nose and flavors are pretty mild overall. I could probably session this, but would get blasted if I did at 7%.

3.5/5 A solid saison. I prefer the Wildflower and their mainstay saison, but this is still a good saison with a slightly lower profile. A must if you are a Brett fiend.


Gonna need a bigger hammer.


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