‘Happy New Beers’ Barrel Aged Sour by Spinnakers Brewpub


New beers resolutions 2016:

Drink more. Water and coffee OK in situations where drinking is socially unacceptable IE: in traffic, at work, in court, at AA meetings.

Continue to convince those around me that I don’t have a drinking problem.


Keep up the gym rat lifestyle. Perhaps
evolve in to a gym hog? Whatever is a step above rat.

Brush up on kingdoms, phylums and classes so that I don’t embarrass myself in the future by assuming a rat and a hog are somehow in the same evolutionary chain.

Subscribe to “paper wasters” weekly digest.

Sign all surrounding neighbors up for “turn down your stupid fucking music, nobody wants to hear your shitty techno” weekly digest.

Convince those around me that my mild alcoholism is not negatively impacting my life, and that I might impact their faces if they keep bringing it up.

Write more lists. Readers love lists.

Find way to discredit list formats as ‘silly jibber jabber’. Revert to standard narrative format and become Internet hero.

Find a way to wedge this gif in to a beer review.


Find decent looking member of the opposite sex that I don’t completely hate. Attempt meaningful relations.

Spend less time wallowing in my own crapulence, spend more time wallowing in Ponzi schemes.

Convince myself that my crippling alcoholism is good for business, somehow.

Learn to drum like Danny Carrey.

Accept that that is an unrealistic aspiration. Continue to drum, somewhat dejectedly.

Accept that drinking is simply who I am. Celebrate with cocaine.

Kick new cocaine habit.

Learn braille. Don’t become blind.

Start video blog. Resist urge to whip out penis repeatedly. Once should be enough to set the tone.

Review the fucking beer already.


The pour is an opaque, light amber with zero head and a tiny collar. Has a very fine haze and no noticeable lacing. Lookin good!

The smells are sour lactobacillus, crackers, kiwi and roses. Nice aroma overall.

The tastes are wheat, crackers, flowers, light stone fruits, lime zest and, of course, that sour lactobacillus . Overall, it’s easily the tamest, most drinkable sour I’ve ever had. The florals and malt bed are most prolific, and they work very well. I’m really enjoying this.

The mouthfeel is light, fizzy and ‘airy’. It’s like it has its own gravity. It kind of dances around your mouth. Flavors centralize around the back corners of the mouth and work forward.

4/5 Very good sour, almost the best I’ve had! In fact this is actually the easiest sour by way of drinkableity that I’ve ever had. I’d recommend this sour above any other for someone that is new to the style. Spinnakers cannot make a boring beer! Love it!


Happy new years! I’m not an alcoholic, seriously. LAY OFF ALREADY!


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