‘SLEIGH’R’ Dark Double Alt Ale by Ninkasi Brewing Co


“Raining blood
From a lacerated sky
Bleeding its horror
Creating my structure
Now I shall reign in blood! *shredsville*” – SLAYER ‘Raining blood’

\m/ (╰◣▂ ◢╯) \m/

I saw this on the shelf and immediately snapped it up, because CMON MAN this is maybe the coolest beer name of all time! Admittedly, I’m not actually a big Slayer fan. I like some of their songs but for the most part, it doesn’t stray too far from the ‘Play as fast as humanly possible and never slow down’ angle, and I tend to prefer more progressive styles when it comes to heavy music.


I’m also not really in to Alt biers, so I bought this entirely based on the rad label. I’m ALSO not a big fan of winter beers… I do, however, have faith it will be at least palatable, because Ninkasi is a great brewery with some truly creative brewers on the squad. Fingers crossed, I want this to be good. I hoped the new Slipknot would be good, and it was a fetid turd. Indescribably bad. Don’t do me like Corey ‘please let me be mainstream’ Taylor, Ninkasi!


The pour is a deep dark brown, almost black \m/, with a red tint. Has about a finger of fine, tan head and some good, sticky, curtain lacing. Eventually gave way to a mighty collar. This beer looks metal!

The smells are smoky chestnut, honey, sugar cookies and floral hopping. Sweet and enticing… It doesn’t smell metal. That’s likely a good thing though. A truly metal beer would probably reek of blood and testosterone.

The tastes are brown sugar, toffee, nondescript dark fruits, peppery hops, light pine, roasted nuts and cinnamon heat. Highly complex, and it delivers. This is fucking METAL!


Mouthfeel is surprisingly smooth, with good carbonation. Flavors don’t hang on very long, has a sharp drop-off. Like a sick dive bomb at the end of a solo. Bit of hop bite in the back edges of the tongue. Pretty easy-drinking for a darker brew.

4/5 YES! I will be getting more of these, I hoped it wouldn’t suck, and it has far exceeded my lowish expectations! It’s unique, complex, crushable and worth finding. \m/ (╰◣▂ ◢╯) \m/



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