‘Black Rye’ IPA by Bridge Brewing 


*throwback review doesn’t necessarily match my current format*

My brother Ben grabbed this for me directly from the brewery! That’s tits rad. TRIPLE tits rad. 


Rad. Rad. Rad.

PSA: Buying me beer will make me happy… What do YOU get out of it? Well that’s mighty selfish of you. Always thinking about yourself. For shame. 

Label is simple and classy. Bunch of squiggles that kind of looks like a burnt, old school, nautical map or something. Will I find sunken treasure if I follow the bottles instructions? I played the Jaws video game for NES, so I’m qualified for an expedition of this calibre. If we need to shoot sharks whilst scuba diving, I’m your man. I am also one of the few people on earth with the skills and intestinal fortitude to complete the treacherous water level in TMNT. I got this. I was born for this. 


I was born IN TO THIS SHIT.

So let’s set sail or drop anchor, whatever floats your boat. Nautical puns FTW.

This beer has sediment in it so gentle agitation is in order, slowly rolling the bottle around. *This is incorrect, I don’t do it anymore* Threw it in the paint shaker for a few minutes (no not really). It pours PITCH BLACK (living up to its given name) with a foamy, resilient, reddish-brown head. This beer LOOKS badass. 

Oh WOW that’s a good beer! A healthy hit of bitter cacao and toasted toffee with a citrus and pine spice hoppy high end. This has a real good unique taste to it, and it’s VERY bitter. The beer seems to coat your mouth, giving this a long, wonderful aftertaste. It’s hearty, much like a Guinness, in that it drinks like a meal. 

Goddamn that was delicious down to the last drop. I didn’t want that to end. It’s so different. It has that ‘je ne sais quoi’ that sets it apart from the scores of IPAs out there. 

We’re going to need a bigger boat! 

4.5/5 YES oh yes. A fantastic, unique IPA that stands apart and above the competition. Find this beer and try it, you won’t be disappointed (if you like IPA)! I want more! 


Charlie don't play dat.



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