‘Thorny Horn’ Sour Raspberry Brown Ale by Phillips Brewing Co


“Every rose has its thorn.” – I don’t even care. Brett Michaels I think. I hate that song, it’s Chester cheezy.


Lol at the Cheetos watermark.

I’ve only tried a couple of Phillips brews before, the Super Cooper was gross but the Fresh Hopped Green Reaper was INCREDIBALLS! So we are at %50, roughly. In coin flip territory.


Drunken Joe Namath flips when he feels like it.

I’m drawn to their labels. Every beer has different cool artwork and fonts, it looks like whoever designed them has a great time doing it. The fun shines through in the designs. Top it off with a custom bottle and a cap that reminds us to “Remove before drinking”, and these guys get full marks for presentation.


Turns out my method of drilling a hole in the side is much harder.

The pour is a deep brown with a fuscia tint, no head, tiny collar and no real lacing.

The smells are strong fresh raspberries, sour lactobacillus, and an afterthought of wheat notes.

The tastes are all the raspberries, all at once. Lactobacillus, some wheat notes in the background. A bit more complex than the last raspberry outing, and I appreciate it. This tastes like a raspberry beer, while the last raspberry selection was more of a full-on raspberry cider.

The mouthfeel is medium and smooth with a bit of stickiness. Good carbonation, not to crazy.

3.5/5 Much the same as the last raspberry sour I had, it’s OK. It’s a little more complex, with some noticeable malting under the raspberry avalanche. You’ll love it if you are a raspberry nut.


Thbp thbp thbp thbp.


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